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Statement On the Threat To CCR

Statement On the Threat To CCR

Easter Sunday, 2018

Many f you have received a phone call from the County Attorney about threats that were made against the church, to come to shoot some people here at church.

This person is currently in jail so there is no cause for alarm. Monday April 2nd at 11:00 AM there is going to be a hearing about the terms for his release. The church has sent a letter to the judge about our feelings on this. But as you know how this turns out is out of our hands. However, Amy and I will be in attendance at the hearing to represent the church and so that we’ll know exactly what is going on.

We want everyone to know that we have no hard feelings towards this person, rather we are grieved by all of this and are praying for him to find the help he needs to successfully deal with whatever issues he’s dealing with and find his way to a healthy and happy life. We urge all of you to pray for him as well.

However, given the serious nature of the threats and our duty to protect our flock we are very sorry to say that he will no longer be allowed in church here or on our property at all at any time. We pray for his healing and hope that he can find another church who can successfully help him find his way to Christ and full recovery.

We also want you to know that we are looking into ways to keep you safe while you are here. While we can’t go into details about that – and won’t since the best security measures are low profile – it’s important for you to know that we are not taking any of this lightly.

We know this will upset some of you, and all the members of the Ministry Council will be happy to answer your questions as best we can. We aren’t lawyers and can’t speak to that end of things, but if we can help clear things up we are happy to do so.

Louie and Amy are also available to counsel anyone should you feel the need for that. You can contact them through the church office or call them on their cell phones.

Thank you for your continued support of CCR. We are believing God will take this and use it in a great and good way for His Kingdom! Let us continue to focus on Knowing Him and Making Him Known, and to not give into fear. This is a great opportunity for us to model the power of faith in Jesus to our community and we invite you to join us in doing so!

Thank you.